Friday, December 11, 2009

Standing without help!

My little Alana is standing so good now! I have a feeling that she is going to be walking by christmas. She will be standing in her playpen and something will catch her attention such as a cartoon or commercial and she will just stand up and let go of what she is holding and she won't even realize it but she will stand there for a few minutes. It is neat to watch her do this. She is even to the point that she is falling gracefully. Last week she started this thing out of the blue. She will stand up, holding onto the coffee table, and she will watch her feet as she practices taking steps (while still holding on), then suddenly she will focus on a target and slowly let go of the table and before she makes any steps she gracefully plops on the ground. But every time she does this it seems like she gets more balanced and closer to actually walking! This is just one of very many amazing things that I see her do and it melts my heart.