Saturday, November 21, 2009

crawling like a pro! (and more independent)

My little girl is crawling like a pro now! She is even standing pretty good. I thought that she would end up walking first because all she ever wanted to do is stand, she never wanted to crawl. If me or her daddy put her in the floor she would scream until one of us picked her up (me). The other day, about four or five days ago, we put her in the floor and she was everywhere. Now before the other day when she was put on the floor she would roll around and get into stuff for a little while and then get upset and want to be picked up. Now she has a blast and can play in one room while I walk in the other for a minute because she is having so much fun crawling around on her own and getting to actually play with her toys, she is not so worried about mommy staying in the room with her anymore.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flu Shot

I have had it on my 'to-do' list for like a week now: Flu Shots! So, I called the Health Department today and they acted like I was a crazy person for asking about flu shots. I ended up finding out that they acted that way because so many people frantically got their flu shots this year because of H1N1. Physician's have actually ran out of the H1N1 shot, oh yeah and if you have medicaid or medicare you are not covered for this shot(in my town). Anyway I finally sorted it all out with my daughter's pediatrician's office and they finally brought her in and gave her the seasonal flu shot. But since me and my boyfriend are 23 years old they don't even know if or when we can get ours. haha I have never heard of such a thing! What is this world coming to? Don't get me wrong, I am glad that they had enough sense to give my 8, almost 9, month old daughter her flu shot after a long complicated conversation, but since when did it get so hard to get a flu shot because you are an adult? Is this just my little hick town or........?
Anyway, Alana did great. The only time she cried is when we pinned her down. The shot didn't faze her. It was pretty impressive for a little baby. I am proud of her.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween

Me and my boyfriend almost missed halloween with our daughter, Alana. We had alot to do that day and at the last minute we both decided to go to walmart and see if we could afford to get some costumes and some candy to hand out. So we went to walmart and there was a very slim selection for costumes in our daughter's size. (she now wears 9-12 mos.) Then I stumbled upon the cutest little mouse costume and it was a nice price too, for last minute shopping. We decided that maybe we should get some masks to celebrate as well. We found some cheap little $1 masks and thought "well, this will do".
We went home, after buying some bags of candy, put Alana's costume on her, and put our masks on. Turns out,our little $1 masks scared every kid that walked up! We actually had to take them off! haha Anyways, we passed out candy until we ran out and then we went trick-or-treating through the town ourselves. We had a blast! And just to think we were not even going to do anything for halloween. My little girl had a great 1st Halloween! That makes me happy.