Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween

Me and my boyfriend almost missed halloween with our daughter, Alana. We had alot to do that day and at the last minute we both decided to go to walmart and see if we could afford to get some costumes and some candy to hand out. So we went to walmart and there was a very slim selection for costumes in our daughter's size. (she now wears 9-12 mos.) Then I stumbled upon the cutest little mouse costume and it was a nice price too, for last minute shopping. We decided that maybe we should get some masks to celebrate as well. We found some cheap little $1 masks and thought "well, this will do".
We went home, after buying some bags of candy, put Alana's costume on her, and put our masks on. Turns out,our little $1 masks scared every kid that walked up! We actually had to take them off! haha Anyways, we passed out candy until we ran out and then we went trick-or-treating through the town ourselves. We had a blast! And just to think we were not even going to do anything for halloween. My little girl had a great 1st Halloween! That makes me happy.

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