Saturday, November 21, 2009

crawling like a pro! (and more independent)

My little girl is crawling like a pro now! She is even standing pretty good. I thought that she would end up walking first because all she ever wanted to do is stand, she never wanted to crawl. If me or her daddy put her in the floor she would scream until one of us picked her up (me). The other day, about four or five days ago, we put her in the floor and she was everywhere. Now before the other day when she was put on the floor she would roll around and get into stuff for a little while and then get upset and want to be picked up. Now she has a blast and can play in one room while I walk in the other for a minute because she is having so much fun crawling around on her own and getting to actually play with her toys, she is not so worried about mommy staying in the room with her anymore.

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